Meet Sacred Spirit Shaman, Quornesha…


Quornesha is trained + certified in Hypnosis, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coaching. She is a Prophetic Intuitive, who was initiated into Munay Ki Shamanism, + Black ElK Healing. She has graduated from Master Reiki to The Highest Level of Egyptian Healing (All Love). Quornesha, is an ordained marriage minister.

She works with individuals, businesses, families, couples, animals, and police and Government agencies.

Her services range from Trauma, stress, and spiritual healing.


Quornesha was born with many gifts as a powerful psychic, dowser, healer, and communicator of paranormal research. She noticed her gift at the early age of 5, and it then began to enhance at the age of 12 through prophecy. Her gift began to accelerate from there.

She is an author of The Book Of Prophecies: Whispers, Channels, Prophecies & Visions. Quornesha, often blogs about dreams, visions, numerology, the paranormal and other occurrences and synchronicities.

She is currently training to find missing persons. And is able to offer services to assist in locating missing animals, lost or stolen treasures, water wells, objects and more.

She’s also a practitioner of Hoodoo & Haitian Vodou through the highest power.


She has acquired some form of college education (continuing), in the subject of psychology at UC Berkley, California.

Quornesha Professionally works with, Ancestors, Angels, Spirits, Spirit guides, Animals, Numerology, Mapping, Dowsing, Channeling, Distant Healing, Remote viewing. As well as other forms and methods.

Her eclectic approach is found appealing, powerful and accurate among fans, followers, clients and supporters.


Quornesha’s fees vary per service.

Some of the services offered are

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Some of her specialties are:

  • Prophecies

  • Soul Purpose and Soul Mission

  • Insight

  • Healing

  • Coaching

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (EFT)

  • Teaching

  • Ritual and or Ceremony

Her Ethic is that, she does not guarantee anything in regards to outcome, satisfaction of service rendered, etc. But she does guarantee to perform the service as listed to the best of her knowledge. Clients are not being promised anything other than the work will be done and or performed.

Signed In Power,