Healing Sessions


Healing Sessions

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Reiki, Egyptian Healing, Distance Healing + More

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There are three types of healing available to clients, one being Reiki Master Healing for Animals, And Yourself. Reiki, and uses the energy of symbols, crystals and intention to deeply resolve emotional and spiritual issues, often to do with life, finances, relations, mental and the physical and will best suit those who want relief from stress. As it greatly reduces the stress you may feel.

Another platform of healing will be Egyptian Healing: Same as with reiki, symbols are used. This energy helps you to focus on higher clarity and assists in the duality of psychic and medium abilities and will enhance them and assist with the awakening process.

Angel And Crystal Reiki Is also provided. 

***If you need me to travel to you, the fees for this will vary depending on the distance in addition to the cost of the service*** Thank you!! 

The next form of healing will be energetic-distance healing, considered as Shamanic and Shaktipat healing. I will assist in the reprogramming of old thoughts, habits or past life events that are still negatively affecting you. Helping you and your mind, body, and soul to feel one, once again.  

Healing sessions through me work long after the session has completed. The fee covers the energy and service And a report to you following the session.  

Disclaimer: While rituals and ceremonies are intended for the highest good of every client. You are not being guaranteed anything, nor that it will work in your timing. I will however, do the best I can to assist you in what I have mentioned. An outcome is not set in stone. These services are not intended to replace psychological or medical practitioners. They are simply complimentary modalities to such.

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