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My Mission in part is to help others be their best authentic/true self...while still being anointed and blessed on purpose. We all have a worst self...and I am here to help others heal from that also.

The only superiority I have is to love and take care of myself first. Working with me comes with respect of that truth. Before I can help or serve others, I've got to be well also. And that is what I believe. I have no love nor hate, or respect nor hate to give anyone whom cannot give love or respect to me for who I truly am. Love yourself enough to work with people that resonate with you. '

I never change because someone tells me to. I am always led by the most high and will continue to do so. After all, anyone whose happy would never be so concerned with how others live their lives... especially, when it doesn't affect you in any sort of way. I am and will always be...my best self. I never feel I have to do or say anything to have others see me more relatable. You either see it or you don't

And your opinion of me whether positive or otherwise is in no way my burden to carry. I am Truly, Quornesha S. Lemon and I am living my best life, more and more each day, with each step and breath I take. My past pain or current victories are my own business and am not obligated to share those journeys with anyone, just to appear likable.  Unless I am led or appointed to do so.

Quornesha, never tries too hard, it just is or it isn't. And I do not care about being liked, hated or loved. Because I love myself enough and I am at peace within. If that reads as superiority to the few, then so be it. Keep on thinking that, as that's your problem, not mine.

For the most part, I feel love, most importantly, from God, those that matter, myself and spirit. I am self-ful. It's written, to put God over everything, meaning to serve myself FIRST, as I am as a vessel and messenger of the most high. I Am the closest relationship to God (for my life) there Is. And I won't place other's beliefs above that. I truly am my own best friend, for I believe it's impossible to trust others before trusting myself.  Folks pay for the appearance of living well, while I charge others to live well within. I am worthy of every dollar I charge clients. Just as much as they may pay for Thousands of Dollars per night hotels, or one day experiences. I know and honor my worth always. My work is a pertinent part of the evolution of our world.

In Power & Grace,

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