Upon completion of purchase, you the buyer agree that you have read, accepted and fully understand these terms and conditions. And that these terms can be updated without prior notice.  

Credit Card Fraud and Penalties: The buyer deems that they are the person named on the card and that they are of legal age to enter into a contractual agreement within the state to which they are making their purchase  or reside, whichever comes first. And that all address and name information is entered  correctly. That the card used isn’t stolen or fake. Also, that in the case of a dispute that the buyer is still liable and subject to all charges, penalties and fees accumulated in the case of a deferred payment. Buyer understands that the seller holds an all sales are final policy and that no guarantees were ever made to him or her. And that such services aren’t represented to replace any medical, psychological, emotional, or other professional aspect outside of the vernacular to which has been presented.  


Cancellation Policies: Buyer understands that no cancellations will be accepted, and in the event of the need to cancel, they are free to withdraw (abandon cart) their order/purchase any time before it is processed on this website. Cancellations prior to working or after work has begun will not be allowed and buyer understands that they are still liable to pay even if they no longer need a service. Also, that the seller will attempt to render service to the best of their knowledge. Buyer agrees that in the event of no longer needing a service, 100% of the fee will be retained for the wasting of time in preparing IE; Time, Space, Materials, or energy on their behalf.  

Guarantee Policies: The buyer understands that the only guarantee granted is that the work will be performed as explained to the best of the sellers’ knowledge and the buyer also understands that in the event that they claim to be dissatisfied, they are still not owed a refund and understand that some spiritual services rendered take time to manifest and that they are not guaranteed an outcome ortimeframe. Buyer understands that seller makes no medical, legal or psychological claims to their request. And that all services are based on sellers innate abilities, research and education.  

Privacy Policies: Buyer understands that under no circumstances are they allowed to share information with other clients or non-clients and that the information given to them through a session or reading is for their eyes and ears only and is not to be reproduced, published or shared with another person, unless the other person has  paid as part of participation in a service/healing/coaching for them to be free to do so.  

Shipping & Handling: All clients will be provided with a tracking number when and where necessary according to what was ordered. Buyer understands that seller is not liable to replace items that arrive damaged, or are stolen, come up missing in transit, or delayed. Buyer understands that the seller will do to the best of their knowledge and abilities to be efficient and even in this sense, you are not made a satisfactory guarantee.  

Copyright & Intellectual Property: Buyer understands that any literature that is purchased will not be redistributed, reposted, reproduced, republished, without the sellers consent for them to be able to do so. Which has not and shall not be given under any circumstances. This includes books, blogs, course material written for the client, coaching and more.  


Liability: Buyer understands that he or she will not hold liable the seller for any damages whether life/death, psychological, medically, legally or otherwise of any damages that may occur if any as a result of using this website, advice, or services. Buyer is liable and understands the constraints or possibilities of these terms.  

Buyer agrees that they will be subject to additional signing of any contracts necessary to assure that these policies are upheld.  


Refund/Cancellation Policy

 Quornesha S. Lemon Consulting is Operated on sole proprietorship basis and all time, Service and energy is provided by Quornesha. If and ever there's a need for refund...the policy is as follows: All SALES ARE FINAL. Be sure to check what you are purchasing before checking out. You will not be able to transfer a service or cancel once your order is placed. If a service has not begun, you are allowed to contact me immediately after the order transaction to explain the mistake and it can be applied as credit, UNLESS the service has already began, whether you were notified or not.

If I happen to cancel your order for any cause/reason, This can be applied as a credit for 14 days after cancellation. If you choose not to return, you do not receive a refund. If I have to cancel due to not being able to get into contact with you (after you have provided contact information, I am not responsible for the inaccuracy of the email/phone number you have provided as the same rules apply.| THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ONCE SERVICE BEGINS OR MATERIALS HAVE BEEN BOUGHT. NO EXCUSES, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not agree to these refund terms and conditions, do not order. Purchasing items and services means you adhere to these terms and have been informed of them, whether or not they were given to you or you voluntarily read all details. Quornesha, Sacred Spirit Shaman, Quornesha S. Lemon Consulting, In it’s entiretey. will never be held liable for any inaccuracy in email ADDRESS, phone or other communications provided by you. It is your responsibility to provide a working number and not necessarily a landline. These terms also apply to payments made through PayPal as well. Moreover, I am not responsible for any financial changes that may come up as a result of your investment/payment for a service. Even if you’d like to simply cancel because you no longer need what you have paid for.

Privacy Policy

Your emails,  address, phone numbers, etc, will never be sold or transferred. You are responsible for making sure that all information is up to date and correct. As I am not liable for any said damages, information sent to wrong person(s) or penalties for discrepancies on your behalf. I am not liable for any fees accumulated by any third or second party fees associated with your phone bills, included text or wireless. You use these at your sole discretion. Due to this policy, Many workings will not be publicly shared. Other than personal for demonstration purposes. 

Accuracy Policy

It is at my discretion that all information given is of the highest intent. I will never guarantee anything said within a reading to anyone. As all information is subject to change. And there are no guarantees with any workings/readings. Only work is guaranteed. All information was given and seen or heard with high intent as always. 


I am only going to make 3 attempts to reach you, I AM NOT AN AGENT FOR THE FBI AND WILL NOT GO LOOKING FOR YOU TO PROVIDE A SERVICE. I will cancel an order and follow the refund  policy accordingly as outlined above. These services are not free. And do not reach out disrespectfully demanding for them to be so. Thanks for your understanding. 


Again: Disclaimer/Policy: I will not make you super human. :). Oh and thanks for understanding that I will not honor any requests for refunds, once the time/energy has been completed or began. However, any sessions scheduled *That require cancellation, PRIOR To beginning service* I will retain a 100 Percentage of the costs, as it takes time and energy to prepare to service you, should the need to cancel arise BEFORE any energy is sent or any service is prepared.  It's Solely for legal reasons that I use the word: Disclaimer. As I truly believe in the work that I do, so should you.