Prophetic Life Coaching


Prophetic Life Coaching

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Prophetic Life Coaching is now available, where you are able to get your life back on track. Quornesha is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Hypnotherapist & EFT practitioner.

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Welcome to the life coaching sessions. There are sessions available for groups, please inquire, as costs vary per amount of people and travel fees *if necessary* applies. If you'd like for me to speak at your event, please also reach out for the fees. 

Prophetic life Coaching is about your unique personal experience in this lifetime. It's about YOUR specific purpose. Your success will never be compared against my opinion or experiences or that of others. Whatever path you would like to accomplish has to be in alignment with your Divine mission. I will give you insight and solutions to get you going along in a powerful way. There's no strategy set in stone. Whenever you book sessions, it is unique to YOU alone. It is a one on one session. Whenever you book a group session, it is for the good of all involved but each person is looked at to see how they can benefit from the grand design. And bring powerful solutions to the table. I will ask you powerful questions that will cause you to think, and question your own fears. BE READY, because I will shake the table. I am a certified healer, even though my ability comes naturally. I wanted to learn the complexities of energy rather than going by feeling alone. We will not simply sweep any matter under the rug, we will work on it until you are ready to fly alone. Even then, what you will accomplish with me, you'll be able to apply for generations to come. Come ready for the change. 


There are many benefits of utilizing my services. I am a certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach that practices Transpersonal Coaching. I assist with 

  • Phobias
  • Adversities 
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Overwhelm 

+ More 

And can also assist you in stepping into your own power, so that you can empower those you alone are meant to make a difference with..

My unique coaching tools and techniques will give you something powerful that will fix any issues you may have come into contact with. 

By healing these aspects you will be opened to being your best and living your best life. All emotions can become a hindrance to your overall wellbeing. I will help you to acknowledge the emotion we'll need to focus on. Develop techniques to overcome and heal the emotion. And transmute it for your overall good. Every positive thing I tell you will be prophetic and every negative thing I sense I will address it so that it can be avoided. So that we can avoid those traps and obstacles altogether.  

I specialize in emotional freedom technique, reiki, and insight. 

Whether it's 3, 6 or 12 or more 1-hour sessions, you'll have my support in between those sessions via email/text. As those coaching sessions come with assignments that are allowed within the time frame of the services. You can also choose to space out those one-hour sessions or take them consecutively for days. 

The 45-Minute Cognitive Behavioral Coaching session will assist the client in building positive & powerful attributes in their character to fight anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, along with some healing techniques provided by Quornesha,  for those traumas. This session will make full use of healing techniques that alleviate and reduce stress associated with emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and otherwise. 

Many Blessings & Thank you for booking with me.