Spirit Animal Healing Session

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Spirit Animal Healing Session


Half Hour Healing Session That empowers the connection with your spirit animal. Get closer to the wisdom of animals and turn on the whispers and messages they are sending to you.

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This service will assist you with connecting to your spirit animal, and empower messages to come through clearly so that you are able to equip yourself for the future. If there's any overwhelm in your life, your spirits will guide you through your power animal and help you to see things clearly. 

It also helps to clear confusion associated with one's intuitive power or psychic/prophetic abilities. Your Spirit animal can assist you through dreams, visions, synchronicities and help you to embrace your own innate wisdom. This service is great for those who would like to stretch their clairvoyant abilities, as well as clairaudience, clairsentience, and many others. 

You will receive a report of the healing within 24-72 hours. 

It can be done using Shamanic, Egyptian, Quantum Touch, Or Reiki. It is your option to choose from. Shamanic is more for when you want to restore, transmute and remove, as well as Egyptian, Reiki is for the releasing of Stress or vibrational attachments and so forth. If there are concerns about the order, I am receptive to explaining the process once your order is placed. 

Thank you! 

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