Medium/Psychic/Tarot/Celebrity Readings


Medium/Psychic/Tarot/Celebrity Readings

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  • Medium sessions are ideal for clients who wish to connect with loved ones, spirits, deities, or guides, both angelic and intellectual. They can be conjured or spoken to in order to assist you in the natural order of life, to help you grieve, cope or move on. In this session, I can channel the information required for you to know right now.

  • Psychic Sessions are ideal for clients who seek clarity and intuition about life situations, relationships, jobs, etc. In this session, you may want more of a highly intuitive 'friend' who can see the broader picture.

  • Tarot sessions are ideal for clients who need assistance and strong confirmation of the future, past and present. In order to assess plans, steps, and actions required to achieve a specific goal or outcome.

You can also order each or one of the three types of readings before you order spells or rituals, in order to assess the situation and determine how much work will be required. You can also order *for introductory purposes* one single question, a fifteen-minute reading, etc* in order to see if we will do well or have a great connection. 

In order to remain versatile, I have kept my services open to every budget, yet I am limiting the service. For example, A $10-50 Session will not be by Skype or Phone. Please take note of this, as I will not make any exceptions. Details vary and are not in equal increments through these sessions as mentioned *$10-50* When you would like a Live session, those services are $75 and upward. 

Disclaimer: You are not guaranteed anything! I do not do readings for lottery numbers. I am often asked medically surrounded questions, but I am not a replacement for a medical practitioner, psychologist or therapist.

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