Akashic Records/Clairvoyant Reading


Akashic Records/Clairvoyant Reading

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Readings of the Akashic Records or A Clairvoyant/Prophetic Report Emailed to you. 

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What are the Akashic records: the Akashic records are recordings of your soul and its journey. These recordings can be cleared, healed, rewritten or otherwise, for example, karma, sins, or memories. These are stored in a sacred place. And I have access to this information through higher powers and ancestors. 

The $75 reading consists of an email only reading of the records, without further clarity should any concerns or questions arise. For an Email report and a follow-up reading the fee is, $140.00. Please choose through options available.

This reading is rather powerful and will reveal some impactful insights about your past, present, and future. Including and not limited to: Marriage/Separations, kids, finances, childhood, adult life, habits, Health, and so much more. 

I will provide a 15-minute email reading of the Akashic records for you. I will not provide any clarity with this basic reading. If you need any further questions in regards to it, you will have to follow up with a reading fee, for me to do so. For the reading of the Akashic records and follow-up questions, the fee is as stated in the options. 

PLEASE, DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION AS TO WHAT YOU ARE EXPECTING TO HEAR. As this is a reading based on fate/destiny or purpose and forthcoming events. It is therefore prophetic as opposed to asking any questions and having them answered. I DO, have this type of reading available. So, check those out instead if need be. 

Thank you SO much! 

Feedback from clients available upon request. 

(c) all rights reserved Thank you for respecting my work as a healer, among other things. 

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