The Book Of Prophecies: Whispers, Channels, Prophecies & Visions

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The Book Of Prophecies: Whispers, Channels, Prophecies & Visions

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This book is a collection of essays accumulated from decoding the messages from Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides and More.

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The Book of Prophecies: Whispers, Channels, Prophecies and Visions: Volume one & Two, as a channeler, Quornesha has recorded messages from spirits, spirit guides, animal guides, ancestors and so much more to navigate adversity, depression, psychic attack and more. She is a survivor of All these things, including physical paralysis. She is a gifted medium, shaman, mystic, healer. This book contains the decode to life's most powerful synchronicities, including angel numbers, dreams, visions, animal symbolic meanings and more.

It includes over 430 Pages of wisdom, channels and prophecies.

There are 2 available at discounted price for a limited time, due to mis-print of table of contents and more available at regular price.

These books (Volume One & Two) are not ordinary ‘usual’ books. They are much more than that. They hold solutions rather than a buildup of my life story and how I may have overcome adversity, depression, anxiety and so forth, and hold keys that help one to unlock their own God Given potential. All of the Essays have been channeled and expressed of the highest order. These books are not going to provide snippets of information, yet a plethora of it. Decoding some of the most coded messages the universe may have to offer. They are elaborate and intricate at best. And it’s a survival map. All spiritual leaders should own a copy, any prophetess or true prophet should own their copies as well. As it is a messenger all within itself. How I overcame adversity is much different than how you may overcome your own. So, I find no true purpose in selling a book depicting of my story, at least not yet and not in this capacity. It is unlike any college book you may have purchased and in the end learned nothing from. You WILL learn and your spiritual eyes of discernment will open up! Not just on a third eye level, but on a level beyond all levels. These are keys to unlocking one’s true destiny! Be ready for miracles.

Buy the heirloom and the keys that helped me navigate lifes’ greatest adversities.

These books are not sold separately. Please allow shipping time, processing and printing.* Buying this now is an understanding that you are pre-purchasing during it’s pre-release. This Item is printed on demand, or there are limited copies on hand. I will keep you Updated on shipping/printing, etc.

Ase & Shalom

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