45-Minute Hypnosis Session


45-Minute Hypnosis Session

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I am a certified Hypnotherapist and can assist you in healing emotional wounds, reconditioning habits, and more through hypnosis.

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If there are habits that are stubborn to go, or there are thought processes that are stubborn to go, this service will greatly assist you. I am a certified Hypnotherapist. Life Coach And Intuitive. I can help guide you into new-thought, new habits and help you to make changes that are all around good for your well being. 

If you are continuously attracting negative processes, it may be more rooted than you think. Let's work on the inside and the outside world will change and vibrate with that. 

This is a 45-minute session that comes with a hypnosis report, and key points you'll need to work on. 

The fee depends on the format of the session. For Distance/In Person, the fees differentiate. Thank you! 

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