Professional Spiritual Business Website Design

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Professional Spiritual Business Website Design

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Basic website design with 3-8 revisions, basic website design, basic logo design + more

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Greetings, Do you love my website? Good, because I designed it myself and I can do the same for you as a spiritually-based-business owner. I created and developed my own website after several years of trial and error. And have perfected my design skills and keen intuitive eye for what conveys to others, and brings in clients who are actually interested in your services, products or speaking engagements. This package includes the design and creation of 2 products on your website. Basic logo creation. With this logo, at this time I am not able to design any specific artistry, however, I have access to thousands of fonts and icons that we can go over together. Sometimes less is more. You will see a simple, yet efficient website, which will be user-friendly. It includes a footer design, header design, front page design, contact page design, And services page design. You are limited to a maximum of 5 pages, any additional pages come with additional fees. Again, this is a basic website design. I can put together a color pallet, and write BASIC copyright for your website for the time of the design process. You are allowed only 3-8 revisions, depending upon the complexities. 

I do not offer any refunds on this service. As I will be **coaching** you on your website and what needs to improve, etc. Also, this is a spiritually developed website, so, your website will be receiving vibrations to bring the most success *small increment of healing*. You are also offered the option to purchase additional blessings. For example a mojo bag, or healing/cleansing service along with your basic website design. 

There are 3 packages and they are as follows: 

  1. Basic: A basically designed website comes with the above terms only. 
  2. The next level is the Basic website + Crown of Success Mojo
  3. The Third Level website comes with the empowerment energy, cleansing, Crown of Success Mojo + Basic Website with the above terms. 

The Crown of Success Mojo, will crown you and your spiritual business with success, aiding you to receive the best results on the e-commerce platform. Your website can be designed through WIX or Squarespace or Wordpress. 


You'll also get 3 design templates, once I begin designing, these cannot change. Allow a 2 week delivery for your website depending on the complexity. 

KEEP IN MIND, I will only be using the templates, icons, fonts, etc that are available on the platform that YOU CHOOSE. I will not design a website for each platform, you must specify which platform you'd like before I begin. I AM NOT educated in HTML, coding, etc, again, this is a BASIC WEBSITE design. Meaning, I work with platforms to build a site that is professional + efficient, without all of the strenuous conditions of coding etc.  Thank you!!! 

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