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Crown Of Success Mojo

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The Crown of Success Mojo Will enhance the Success in your life in the year 2018 and further. No matter your projects, you will find them blessed in every direction and measure with this mojo. It will crown you with success and it will usher in the positive forces to help you along the way. 

I will provide, ONE ENCHANTED and empowered mojo bag. Including Instructions on how to give life to the bag, and how to keep it alive and the energy flowing in a more positive and productive direction in the year 2018 and more. This bag can and will bring to your wealth, prosperity, luck, blessings, Increase profits, increase conversion of clients to your website, income increase/raises and so much more. It is ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs, employers, employees and the like. 

I will include sacred herbs and anointed oils, prepared and purchased by me. Which will go into the cloth, I will seal and bless the bag specifically for your benefit only.  Pictures are then taken of the mojo before it is shipped out to you. 

Here's to your $$CC$$! 



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