Quornesha'S Mojo Hands


Quornesha'S Mojo Hands

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I will create a powerful gris-gris, mojo, medicine bag or Jackballs or even Paquets to suit your needs|

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Hoodoo Mojos, Gris-Gris, Medicine Bags, Jackballs & Packets can be created upon request to suit you in a court case, luck, money, jobs, travel, or life or otherwise. These are physical products and will be shipped out to you. Costs, cover shipping, processing, handling, and energy, also material. I will not refund once purchased. I can only change the intention before I begin. Which you must notify right away or you will simply have to order again. No exceptions.

The bags are not as advertised, in the images. These mojos, are sacred and made to each individuals request. Therefore, I do not wish to take pictures of another clients'*Nor my own* magic, which is exclusively for their/my eyes only. Your mojo will be provided with pictures during and after it is worked with.  

I will NEED YOUR ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFO! Please provide when ordering! Thank you!

Many of the purposes of the mojos are as following: 

  • Spirit Guide Mojo, you'll purchase this mojo whenever you want to get closer to your spirit guides and be able to call upon them at will through its assistance. 
  • Improve love life mojo: You'll obviously purchase this when your love life just won't budge, forewarning though, this item is not to forge a relationship with a person who has no desire for you. It is for your benefit. To draw in and attract people who are already attracted to you. And improve the relationships altogether. 
  • Spiritual Cleansing Mojo: For when you feel you have been attacked and there is residual energy. Or you simply wish to elevate your spirit(s). 
  • Reconciliation mojo: for when you would like to reconcile a marriage, relationship, money, or otherwise. 
  • Mega Money mojo: For when you wish to win a sum of money from a settlement, lottery, or you wish to accumulate it in your business. 
  • Lucky opportunity to bring rare opportunities your way. 
  • Protection mojo: Spiritual Protection
  • Against Witchcraft: to ward against the workings of another covenant or witch, etc. 


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