Open The Road, Breakthrough Candle Ritual
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Open The Road, Breakthrough Candle Ritual


Breakthrough, Candle ritual, for the blocks in your life 

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This ritual will remove negative blockages and help to ease the way for you! This is a Haitian voodoo candle ritual and provides 3 individual candle and ONE intention per order! This is great for anyone struggling to find success, happiness, wealth or 'luck', even though they may have had it before. This will allow the doors that have shut to open other doors for you energetically. So that your road is accessible again and you can feel productive once more. 

This ritual will provide contact with the spirit realm/world in the ritual. To appease them and to remove blockages that may be stubborn or blocking you from moving forward. All gifts come naturally and I can easily and freely make contact with the spirit world, as a medium, channeler, shaman, and more.  This ritual will allow a road to be open so that you can thrive and enjoy your prosperity and otherwise. This ritual is open to your special requests. And can be done for a career path, venture, relationship, new baby, challenges, obstacles, habits or otherwise. 

ONE Elegua candle and ritual, prayer and meditations will also accommodate. 

This service is to assist clients that may be having a difficult time holding onto success, finance, relationship, home life. etc. It will clear any toxicities from yourself as a whole and from the goal. Making blessings and the best possible outcome possible and obtained in time. You will receive a report, pictures of the process. It is also great for: 

  • Blowing away the competition, making you stand out and become very successful finding the courage to rise above trivial people.

  • Getting rid of negative habits

  • Removal of negative measures, including toxic people especially negative characteristics that sabotage your blessings

  • Rise above adversity

& A lot more. 

It includes healing rituals also, powerful invocation of angels to aid you along the way, etc. 

It includes also 3 individual candles, anointed and inscribed by me for your petition. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

You are not being guaranteed anything. I only guarantee that I will perform the work for you as mentioned.

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