Protection And Psychic Self Defense Class


Protection And Psychic Self Defense Class


In House, Psychic Protection and Self Defense Class

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Greetings, classes for in person are now more available than before. This class is truly open to all, even those without an ability. Learn how to properly shield from negative/toxic entities, curses, hooks, attachments and people. The benefits of this class are as follows:

  • Learn the ways of protecting yourself, mind, body, soul and spirit.

  • Initiate Psychic power and protection Sigils into your body, so that you can call on it at any moment

  • Learn how to prepare and bless food the “Hoodoo Way”.

  • Learn the basics about herbs and magical floor washes you can create yourself from home.

  • Get a group Egyptian healing session

  • Learn the basics of African Magick

  • Get clarity on what is ahead for you.

  • Learn the basics of connecting with spirit animals and guides

  • Learn to work with Papa Legba Lord of the Crossroads & Oya The Orisha of Storms

  • Receive a Hoodoo cleansing and blessing

And so much more!

The Amenities are: Free Refreshments, Lunch (vegan/protein options), You may also bring your own, we do have a toaster oven. Meet and greet my family and I (duh) lol. Visit the local town. Enjoy our little farm.

It can be up to 15 people per class. Some simple/basic house rules and lots of psychic fun to be had. 4 Hour class. Cost is per client.

Dates Available

October 17'th 2019

December 12th 2019

February 14 2020