Chakra Wash by Quornesha


Chakra Wash by Quornesha

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Chakra & Aura Washing/healing. Blessings with candles to enhance the healing process. 

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A Chakra Wash is performed so that any karmic energy can be cleared and forgiven with the help of Shamanic, reiki or Quantum touch. *Your Choice* At an intermediate or master level| This will allow you to ease and release anger, stress, overwhelm, process grief, emotions and vibrations on a higher level.

Each healing modality facilitates different levels of what is required along the way. When you are feeling down in your vibration, stressed out, reiki can assist in clearing this type of energy. When you feel okay, but know that something is a little off, all of reiki, shamanic, shaktipat, Shamanic, and quantum touch can assist in alignment of these vibrations.

Your healing can be sent for a specific intention, whether for,





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A Reading for Aura or Chakras are 15 Minutes and Priced.

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