45-Minute Ancestral/Generational Healing Ceremony


45-Minute Ancestral/Generational Healing Ceremony

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This healing session focuses on Egyptian Healing, and in cleansing generational vows, curses, debts or woes.

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This 45-minute  Egyptian Healing, in person or distance session. If there are things going on in your life that are indescribable and are associated with family or beloveds. Also known as adversity that may have taken place in your childhood, adolescent age,  teenage, adulthood or even old age, it is time to heal those wounds so that you can step into your Divine light and fully and sanely be a part of this world in a powerful way. ** means I do not claim to heal any medical, legal, or psychological functions, however, to aid in the healing of those concerns and to aid in the healing of the scars created by those vehicles. A Reading is a pre-requisite for this service, as all people do not wish to be healed, including ancestors. 

This session will help you if you have suffered from: 

  • Incest
  • rape
  • molestation
  • physical abuse of any kind
  • poverty
  • mental illness**
  • Possession of the spirit, mind, or body
  • broken relationships 
  • repeating spiritual offenses 
  • war on the mind, body, soul/spirit

+ more 

You'll receive a 45-minute session live or via distance. This session in person is done with you, while a distance session is done via remote, if you'd like a live Skype session, the fees are substantially different. For in person, you'll travel to me. I do not make house visits unless by group and fees for those differentiate. And payment is needed up-front. NO refunds are honored. And fees for service + travel to you will be required of you in advance. Thank you! 

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