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I Understand that Reiki, Readings, classes, Healing, Distance Healing, Coaching, Rituals, Ceremonies, Hypnosis, remote viewing, dowsing, and other services provided by my practitioner are complimentary modalities. And in no way substitutes for medical, legal, psychological,  financial or any other solutions otherwise outlined by board certified professionals.  

I understand that I am not being guaranteed anything in regard to outcome. I also agree that I am responsible for myself and taking action to better my life and those I may be responsible for.  

I further understand that Quornesha Silas Lemon Consulting, will do to the best of her abilities to perform the work as listed. I do understand, that the results vary from person to person. And I hold Quornesha Silas Lemon, Harmless from liability of any kind of possible effects it may cause temporarily as I shift my life. And that I am not being pressured to continue sessions after one or more is rendered and I may discontinue at any time.  

I understand and agree that services are intended for my best intention always.  

I further understand that I am of legal age to enter into contractual agreement and agree to the fee of services as purchased. I hereby authorize the charge to my PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, whichever comes first. I guarantee that I am the person named on such accounts, (PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card) and fully understand the nature of these services, therefore agree that all sales are final. I will not be honored a refund and that is without exception.  

I also agree that I am not authorized to reproduce the information given to me in the session. Except and exclusively for personal use alone. And that reproducing publicly or privately of such information is prohibited in all its forms.  

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