Wealth Mojo Hand


Wealth Mojo Hand

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Mojo Hand for Wealth| I can create a luck harbinger with focus in wealth & bringing it towards you!

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This mojo will assist you in the flow of money and success, prosperity and wealth! If things seem a bit slow in your business or job *lack of promotion/raise, lack of clients/money*, etc, this will make your finances speed up and you will feel balanced in the area of money once again.

Mojo bags are to be kept hidden from the visible eyes of others. Especially if they are for your own personal benefit. This mojo bag is to be kept in your pocket. And it comes with further instructions! I can make it with a specific intention, such as


*Money to meet an expense

*Prosperity for mental well being


*To keep finances in order

*Bring wealth towards you in regards to goals, plans and dreams

You also have the option of increasing the power of the mojo by adding an intention or by enhancing the power times 2 or times 3 the price for the MOJO is as follows and is subject to change at any time without notice prior to any order: $130.00 and you are free to add Intentions or increase the power of the mojo at additional fees. Intentions are not sold as stand-alone. 

Namaste & Ase!


Or any special request regarding money/finances/wealth