Uncrossing Ritual


Uncrossing Ritual

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This ritual is dedicated to the client facing adversity, oppression, when you can't get a break, you feel cursed, you feel like your conditions or business or proceedings are crossed up. Please allow 7-13 Business Days for the Gathering of supplies, time and fruition of cleansing and uncrossing your situation.

It can assist:

  • Individuals *Yourself*
  • Court proceedings
  • Custody Battles
  • Another person
  • Marital Couples *one ritual per individual*
  • Removal of workings from secret, stealth or unknown enemies
  • Removal of the evil eye
  • Reversal of Energy

& So much more.
*Some rituals require your distant participation, If you are appalled or against this, you may want to inquire of something else, that will be of benefit to you! Thank you!*