Transformational Healing + Coaching (1-Month)


Transformational Healing + Coaching (1-Month)

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One month of coaching, + Healing to transmute negative forces into positive ones and transform beliefs and systems.

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One month of one on one coaching sessions (3 1 hour Prophetic Life Coaching Sessions) My prophetic gift via forethought, vision, and hearing will allow you to navigate some of your toughest adversities and transmute them into actions that will serve you in the long-term future. Also included, 3 (20 minute) healing sessions to remove and release/transmute a blockage of your choosing. These sessions can be done live via Skype or Phone and even in person.

As a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach + Life & Life Purpose Coach, I hold the keys to many insights that helps you to avoid obstacles and fully shine your light in the world.

This service will serve those who are trying to change their life and turn their thoughts around. If you’re feeling stuck or feeling like nothing is working in your favor, these sessions are for you.

Set your year on course, get into alignment with your highest and greatest good. Bring about increased awareness and intuition for the experiences you will have in the new year. Whether that new year is the Astronomical (Birth year) or The Calendar new year. You can feel more attuned with your blessings and prepared for any obstacles so that you can overcome them.

This service can also be used in general for anyone trying to overcome the trials of life in a productive and unscathed way.

Disclaimer: You are not guaranteed anything! I am often asked medically surrounded questions, but I am not a replacement for a medical practitioner, psychologist or therapist.