Shamanic Extraction Session


Shamanic Extraction Session

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Shamanic Extraction Work by Quornesha S. Lemon

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Shamanic Extraction: This is a service that includes the removal of entities and vibrations attached to the soul, mind, body and spirit. Anything that is blocking up your progress, causing you to feel depressed and unmotivated can be energetically cleared. If there are spiritual attachments or entities, this session will assist in the removal of those ties. This service includes clearing, and an energy session to enhance the vibrations and uplift the spirit. It is best used prior to soul retrieval work!

The signs that hint the requirement of a shamanic extraction could be:

  • Unexplained feelings of sadness'

  • mood swings

  • intense anger

  • anxiety

  • prolonged PTSD

  • Depression

  • Low in energy all of the time (Spiritual Parasites or energy vampires draining vibrations)

  • Emotional Overwhelm out of the blue for no reason at all, or for the smallest reasons.

  • Bacterial buildup in the body*

Or if you have experienced a traumatic experience of any kind (rape, violence, molestation, incest, demonic interference etc). The energy would need to be extracted and purified so that blessings are able to take their place.

Many times, entities possess the soul or body with or without permission. Especially if you have visited a place in which you were extremely sensitive to the vibration or pull of it. If the soul is gone, or has been stolen, a retrieval may be required first and foremost.

You’re more than welcome to join live for this session, but it is not necessary. A reading may be a pre-requisite before you book this. You can also book a free email consultation. Thank you! Ase and Shalom!