Shamanic Dream or Animal Interpretation


Shamanic Dream or Animal Interpretation


This is a small pdf report that is emailed to you. A Spirit synopsis of the animal or dream symbolism. By Quornesha S. Lemon| Shaman & Transpersonal Coach 

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If animals are crossing your path, you can purchase this service to gain clarity on the meaning or symbolism of it. I am the author of and Have channeled multiple messages from spirits, ancestors, animals and so much more. 

This is a basic report sent to you in pdf format to your email. I will capture the messages from spirit realm that are meant specifically for you. 

Please be sure you submit a working email that I can easily access, as I am not responsible if it goes to an inaccurate email or the wrong person. I will only resend it up to 2* times depending on how you respect my time and energy. Patience and understanding is always appreciated. 

Whenever you need additional clarity, please book a reading to discuss what was interpreted. 

Your purchase of this service means you agree to all policies available at checkout. 
Thank you! 


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