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You can sponsor a post on Quornesha.com And help others gain clarity also. *****A single donation only covers ONE topic/Symbol******

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You are welcome to sponsor a post, to have it published on the blog quornesha.com. My life is becoming much busier and I am not able to continue publishing the posts without a bit of sponsorship and assistance from you as a reader. So, If you are not interested in a reading, you can most definitely sponsor a post and have it available for others to read as well. 

As my time allows, I will continue to publish what I feel is needed in the world, as long as I have the financial support *btw, thank you for your contributions thus far* to do so. However, this item assures that I will post, and on your behalf. 


A minimum post sponsor, means that I will post the minimum description for the symbol, for a medium sponsor, I will post a mid length description of that symbol, for a Maximum length, I will do a full page post of the symbol. 

You do not have to be named as a sponsor and you can always be named if that is your choice to do so. As mentioned on FB page, donations help to cover the cost of domains, site fees, etc, while keeping the energy of the website up to date and frequent postings. 

THANK YOU!! So, please leave the symbol You'd like me to interpret on a public basis.  

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