Psychic Test Certification


Psychic Test Certification

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If you have taken a course with me and would like certification and verification to use in business or your own practice. This item is perfect for you. 

Certificate Of Verification:
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I can give you a test to see where Your knowledge is strong and certify you with a verified Certificate. This is not the certification you receive for completing a course. This certificate will allow others to trust your work as true, accurate and complete. It will act as a recommendation letter/certificate that you can use for a year. However, you will be allowed to test your skills every year or times thereafter to keep your clients satisfied that you are verified and true, or until your clients can prove that you are true and accurate through positive review.   You can only get this verification in ONE subject and the fees apply, Per Verification Certificate. 

For example, I can verify that you are a Medium, Shaman, Intuitive, Healer, etc. Certificates can and will be processed digitally. If you will need a hard Copy sent to you by me, Additional fees may apply. Abilities improve time and time again, sometimes they grow stronger and sometimes it may wane, with particular people. If this is the case, where it wanes, You can only receive An extension of the certificate if You book enhancing sessions and then try the test again.   It is up to you how you choose to do so.  The certificate of verification for $60 Is exclusively available to clients who have taken courses with me. 

YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO TAKE THIS TEST ONCE! No retests are issued, in other words. You must pass the test in order to get the verification in the topic you have learned through Supernatural University™ or request to be tested on. If you fail, you will not receive any refund. As this test will allow you to determine your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on them to make them stronger or if pass, You will receive verification from me. 

If and when a retest is required, it will result in the original fee of the test(s) required. 

For external/non-students of Supernatural University™ individuals who haven't taken a course with me, the cost of this verification is $150.00

NO TEST WILL BE THE SAME. As my students know, I do not offer the same workbook material or assignments. This is due to me being able to measure the effectiveness of what each person is learning or have already. 

This test will be a 15 minute test, and If you would like for me to review any assignments you have done, You can submit them for grading ONLY. 

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