The Peaceful Husband Spell


The Peaceful Husband Spell

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Peace ritual for your husband to be calm and cooperative,  completely of a positive nature!

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If your husband/wife argues too much and disagrees with your plans *is cantankerous, domineering* and only wants his/her way, there's a way around it. I can assist you in bringing out the peace of your home and time you spend with your husband with this ritual. Please allow 3-5 days in most cases, if notified 7-10 business days!

This ritual will help ease your husbands' temperament and can assist her/him to see things in an way that will benefit not only themselves, but both involved! Your position in their life will be seen from a higher light, as opposed to that of a controlling stand point!

Part of this ritual requires your direct and indirect participation. Please contact if you are appalled or object. To seek other options that are available.

Often, jobs, business or even relationships stress us out.

Disclaimer: While rituals and ceremonies are intended for the highest good of every client. You are not being guaranteed anything, nor that it will work in your timing. I will however, do the best I can to assist you in what I have mentioned. An outcome is not set in stone.