Crystal Healing + Attunement


Crystal Healing + Attunement


I can attune you to the vibration of certain stones and prepare a mojo bag empowered with their energy

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This session consists of a 45-minute healing session + a Mojo/Medicine Bag to be empowered with crystals, herbs or even incantations. Crystals have many healing properties including and not limited to:

  • Protection

  • cleansing

  • healing

  • renewal of energy, aura and vibrations

  • attracting prosperity/stability

  • repelling psychic attack or stagnant energy

  • Protect & Retrieve the soul

  • Achieve dreams & goals

  • renounce and transmute repetitive patterns

  • & More

I will channel the types of crystals that suit your request the best and will then anoint & empower them to work for your request. These crystals can be recharged at anytime. Please allow 7-10 business days in order for me to collect the crystals, charge/anoint and empower them following the healing session.

As a certified Crystal Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Touch Healer, Vodou + Obeah + Hoodoo Practitioner, you can assure that the energy and intentions will be extremely powerful and potent.

The crystals will be cleansed and attuned to you to work for your benefit. While removing obstacles, negative thought patterns, habits, or other toxic matters from the mind, body and spirit. And can also be attuned to protect you as a healing practitioner from the energy of clients or attachments of toxic people. These crystals can also be attuned to protect and transmute curses as well.

All of the healing services are intended to work long after the session is complete.

You are not being guaranteed anything regarding outcomes, satisfaction, time frames, other than that I will do the work as mentioned.

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