'Choose Your Power' Mini Courses

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'Choose Your Power' Mini Courses


Develop A specific ability, Including clairaduience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Intuitive Knowingness etc. $

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Greetings, This is a mini-course series, exclusively available online only. I can create a platform for an assignment board that you are due to complete. It is only counted towards a grade* when you want to be tested for your psychic or spiritual powers.  Mini Courses aren't qualified to simply take the Psychic Test. You will have to take this course 3 times or over in one particular topic, each time, I will present different aspects so that you can grow. This mini-course series is only for one specific ability only and there's no 1:1 assistance as it is with the 30  minute live sessions. 

This Course uses the Tool: Emotional Freedom Technique, Refined by Quornesha S. Lemon. And it is accurately applied. You'll have to see and experience it for yourself. 

You will have to be ready to take the material into your own hands. As this doesn't include live support, messages from me. You'll also have to tap into your own intuition and know you are able to go through the course with your own guidance.  This course will have the instructions included. And you will have to go through it with your best know how. 

As in the full courses that I have available, there's no pre-written material for any student. Except where necessary, to describe the nature of the topic. However, exercises are exclusive to your own capacity in that chosen ability. 

IN some particular mini-courses or perhaps all with a Free Instructional video Included. 

Please inquire about any course topic you may be interested in. If there are topics you'd like for me to include, please send me a message. As I am constantly growing this roster of classes. Good day!

Thank you! 


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