9 Day Block Buster Ritual Ceremony


9 Day Block Buster Ritual Ceremony

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9 Day Block Buster Ritual with Other Options for healing, cleansing, and protection

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Greetings, This service will allow me to work directly on any problems standing in your way, while conjuring ancestral powers, and deities to bring down the force of those obstacles, deliverance from curses, envy, evil eyes, violent people, negativity,  ancestral curses, any financial, emotional, spiritual or physical threats that are blocking up any area of your life will be worked on so that they will be broken + moved on. 

You'll have the option to add healing, purification, and protection so that the same problems don't repeat themselves. This service includes images of the work being done, and also, an invocation of the spirits for their help as well as the reversal of the energies blocking up your path. This service goes well with a road opener candle service.  or You can add a basic candle from this item. The cost of this service includes efficient and often speedy results*, although not on your timeline, but that of the spirit for your highest good. Please read the policies, terms, and conditions for further information about the process.  

It also includes a report. 

Blessings & So Be it. 

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