Authentic* Ascended Masters Soul Healing Soap

Authentic* Ascended Masters Soul Healing Soap


This soap will assist you in healing deep soul wounds that are standing in the way of any blessings you may have.

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This soap will assist you in healing any wounds of the soul. It will work as a cleansing tool every time you shower/bath with it. It is infused with powerful angelic prayers and invocations, reiki, and quantum touch healing. The ingredients are Glycerin, Raw African Grade A Shea butter *Extracted from the Richest Karite Nuts in Africa for maximum healing power*, natural essential oils: Lavender, Lime, and rose oil, Distilled water, And Powerful herbs such as Eucalyptus, Rosemary and also include a smoky quartz which I myself have anointed. Ask this soap to heal anything within or about yourself that needs healing. Any past scars or any current ones will heal as they are requested as you use it. This soap is also great as a hand soap! It's Shelf Life is 1 year after arrival. It will produce blessings to the person that uses it regularly. 

The smoky quartz will ease and reduce tension, stress, chaos/confusion and will also absorb seemingly impossible obstacles. And more. 

This soap can clear blockages within the soul due to: 

  • Finances
  • romance
  • business
  • education
  • emotions
  • past life concerns
  • and more

 ***Results vary*** & No guarantees are made. 

Blessings and Ase, and thanks for checking it out. 

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