Mind Empowerment Hypnosis Initiation
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The Following Channel is from higher powers, Divine, the ancestral plane and is prophetic through Quornesha S. Lemon| Whether the Prophetic Numbers 4’ and 2’ repeatedly appears in dreams, visions, waking life or synchronicities, it is a sign and message that Angels are with you, it is also a recommendation to pay attention to the surrounding synchronicities and energies. While the 4 represents opportunity, the number 2 represents balance and stability in all it’s forms. Let go of weighted memories and distance yourself from things or even people that weigh you down or those which are always in complaint mode. Nothing is set in stone, so, you are at liberty to change your mind, elevate yourself and go in a different direction always. Don’t Do things against others and expect the karma to not come back around. Don’t allow others to do things to you either. Stand up for yourself, not defending yourself as a result of something you have done in the past or may have thought about is a sense of self-sabotage. Your hands are not tied. If you are the victim of people and their attacks it may be time to fight back. This is not a confirmation to act in physical violence but to speak up and put the altar to work on your behalf. Call upon the angels, ancestors and spirit guides to help you in your battles. They are with you! For every giant, there is a ground hard enough for them to fall on. It is your divine right to practice spiritual self-defense. Don’t allow negative people to steal your peace. Walk away from negativity and embrace and walk upon the earth as though you have a thousand angels behind you, protecting you. The key is to do no harm, the fact is to defend what’s yours, at all times. Don’t allow people, good or bad, to pour their mess in your lap for you to fix unless your time and efforts are being respected with the merited exchange.

Say the following. “I declare and Decree, I am protected, like Meshach, Shadrach & Abednego who walked through the fiery furnace, I and my household are protected.

Offer: Get personalized declarations made in the form of affirmation jars.

Depending on how deep your healing needs are, team up with a healer, shaman, mystic, conjurer, hypnotist, reiki practitioner, etc.

This message isn't, obviously resonant with all whose paths it crosses, as perhaps you may come into contact with someone of this vernacular, mastery or skill. Therefore, it is a sign from the universe that you're meant to work with such a person.

If this is not you, then it is time to get clear to rejoin your tribe or the rest of the world of infinite beings. It's time to bring your light to the forefront. However, if you aren't able to invoke, heal or otherwise on your own, call on the assistance of shamans, healers, intuitive people, etc. to assist you.
This synchronicity can possibly have specific meanings for you, it's time to get insight.

The Gift that Quornesha Has can never be duplicated, She is a Shaman, Writer, Healer, And Teacher with incredible prophetic/healing gifts. Please do not infringe upon her rights as the author. You are not permitted to reuse, nor are you to sale as you wish. This information has been made available to you for the purpose of introduction and demonstration. All rights reserved. If you'd like to use this in a magazine, online publication, or other, please ask for permission first. Legal actions will be taken if you proceed to impose. Be blessed, bless others and be at peace on your journey. What you do is coming back on you. Make sure that it is good and all is well within you, through you and around you. The source sees all and knows what you think it does not.