We are neither honest or dishonest. We either speak lies or speak the truth.There's no such thing as Honest man/woman. We cannot be if we do not choose to be. In every moment it is a choice, in that moment we are telling the truth or we are speaking lies. -Mahatma Gandhi through Quornesha S.

Quornesha: Doesn't it take the same energy to run from what you do not want as it does to run towards what you DO want?

Mahatma Gandhi through Quornesha S.: Yes it does! In fact, we are all spiritual people. But I can say, I am neither spiritual or religious. But it is an identity. Everything that is, is so because it is identity. Set by whom?   Ourselves or the world. We cannot say we 'can not' conform. We can only say, I will not conform. Because in every moment you have the freedom to decide which way or direction the soul will take. 

Gandhi: Remember, we are neither truth nor lies. Our words aren't forced into captivity. If there's challenge and we are willing to take it, we will receive it. If we see easy way(s) out, and we want to take it, we will take them also. Every person takes unto him or herself what they are WILLING to handle! 

It takes that same energy to love as it does to hate. The same energy is required to give as it is to receive. Same energy to keep as it is to let go. It takes the same energy to disrupt something or someone as it does to nurture and commend them, it's all in the nature of intention. So yes, we can perform bad and good deeds. But that doesn't mean we are good or bad people. Only, in good/bad spirits at that time. 


Quornesha S. Channeling the Late & Great Mahatma Gandhi 

Quornesha S. Channels information directly from the source of higher wisdom. Her powerful nature allows others to heal and receive clarity, beyond expected. She's available on here, and Fiverr to answer your questions and heal you deeply using her very strong psychic & healing powers!

She fully believes in her gift to channel/commune with the 'other side'.


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