I am no longer that little girl, being sexually, mentally or emotionally abused and taken advantage of by family, 'friends' and so called loved ones. I no longer have a relationship with poverty or poverty consciousness. I am no longer homeless. I am no longer paralyzed in my body due to attacks from witchcraft or sorcery from an African Witch. I am no longer a victim of domestic violence. I am no longer a victim of involuntary incest. I am no longer driven insane for saying yes to any and everything. I am no longer a victim of other people's problems. I know who I am and I honor my self worth. I am not my past. I am where I am today, Because I am healing those wounds through the very energy and services that I provide to you on this website. I am intent on living my best life every single day. God truly does, turn a mess, into a message. The future bodes well for me.  Are YOU ready to turn YOUR life around? -Quornesha S. Lemon