Whenever I become some multi-billionare, or mult-millionaire *whichever comes first*, I'd be able to give back and uplift my community. As of right now, I am not able to take from what I am building for myself and my household to provide food on the table, clothes on my body, leisure, learning, or even a home to live in. I'd love for my cup to run over to the point where I am able to freely give to the less fortunate, not the greedy. It takes money to make money...it takes energy to receive energy. The laws of balance must be kept. So, to even consider reaching out knowing this truth without intention to help uplift me so that I am able to continue serving is a sign of where your mind is at in this lifetime. In the Lords' fathers' house, are many mansions, so therefore, I've got to get to my penthouse, heaven on earth, a place of stability in my own life FIRST, where I am able to help uplift somebody else. Otherwise... and

Unapologetically, I do not provide free services. You're welcome to do research and work with those who do provide their time and expertise for free. But that is not available here. You are also welcome to the massive amount of blessings I've already shared with the world by visiting quornesha.com or the blog that is here. And this information does not belong to you, or others, it is there for sharing in the knowledge and that is all. Free comes from within. It's what you GIVE to yourself. Not what you demand out of others. I am already very generous with my time, and if you are on this page, you have disrupted my day in some way in a failed/doomed attempt to rob me of energy or time, in order to uplift your own personal agendas. There's always a cost for something. ALWAYS. And everything cannot be free, what I do give is ministry, and that is what I am guided to do, not by what you demand of me.

I do have a vision of my humanitarianism and the service I can provide, but I've got to get to my promised place first and you're obviously not too bad off, you've got access to the internet and probably pay without question for things you don't even need, but a black woman, whose doing for herself, trying to build a foundation of wealth, that's just out of the question...and appalling to you? Get your own priorities in order and fix your own life. I am taking care of myself first, sustaining as I go along and what I am MOVED to do, I will do it. Not by your words or demands. Not even a second. 

So, with that said,  Goodbye to you.