I am Quornesha S. Lemon, Shaman, Transpersonal Life Coach & Author With many high level abilities. 

 I truly, personally believe, my legacy is...

To remove the dishonest and dark forces operating in our world through others and in our lives. I've faced demonic presence in others since I was a child. As a lightworker, *one whose presence on earth is ordained to bare light and awaken the world*, I've been prone *in the past* to suffer the illnesses of others. Hurt people hurt people. So, my intention in business is to reverse every negative curse, jinx or evil eye, all-the-while maintaining my personal integrity. 

Most of the knowledge I know today, was carried forth from Thousands of years ago by our 'African Ancestors' to Which, every African Person, has the right to, if and when they are aware of who they truly are, can be accessed. However, I am open to all races, colors, creeds and religions as long as you are open to me. 

I use the ancient text of the Holy Word, Sanskrit, Prayers and sacred text to perform my magic, healing, readings, rituals and petitions. Which therefore makes them powerful and irrefutable.  

At 12 I experienced an out of body experience, due to an illness, also due to a curse placed on me at the time, which I removed and successfully returned to it's rightful owner. I knew then my destiny was a bit too great for most I had encountered. 

It's easy for me to sense energy, thought patterns and voices which most cannot hear or detect. Which is why I'm quite selective in who I dwell around for too long. I've suffered betrayals, evil eyes, and simply disgusting people along my journey, which have helped me to master my skills as a Mystical Artist. I repaint souls for a living, which is to say, I assist in recreating new life. I am here, so that you can thrive here and now, and not have to wait until you die to receive the 'kingdom of heaven'.

I do hold many professional certifications and educations. Spiritually, book wise, biblical,  street wise, and otherwise. With credentials from UC Berkley, Certified  Life & Life Purpose Coach. Studies of Biblical Hoodoo, Mysticism, Shamanism, Healing and more. 

I will illuminate the way for you as I've done for celebrities, media moguls, people, animals from all walks of life. My abilities are strong and maintained. So, without further ado---let's get started. And know, the same power you will witness, Divine instilled in all of you, I am enlightened and awakened in many ways.  Come right in...I'll respect you, so thank you for respecting me! This is my home on the internet, and I will cleanse energy between all clients, so, take no offense! Love & Ashe to all! My ancestors strongly support my work and protect me in all my ways.  Ancestors always assist me in defending this legacy if necessary. ONLY LIGHT IS Welcomed here.|  Thank You for all of the support as I continue to illuminate the way through service!  

Quornesha S. Lemon